IT Outsourcing and Managed Services

Bridgehead I.T. support services encompass a proven five-step process to managing our customers’ IT infrastructure. Our methodology guarantees our customers achieve IT return on investment, service level, and data security objectives. Bridgehead IT managed services include:

  • Server Virtualization and Storage Consolidation Services
  • Industry-wide Compliance Solutions
  • Enterprise Data Security Solutions
  • Backup and Recovery Solutions
  • Data Migration Solutions
  • Patch Compliance
  • Wireless Support

The management of desktops in today’s Windows enterprise requires centralized configuration, security, and support, allowing administrators to manage 10,000 desktops as easily as 10. Bridgehead IT’ desktop management includes:

  • OS Deployment
  • Application Packaging and Deployment
  • Desktop Standard Configuration
  • Desktop Security, including patching, anti-spyware, anti-virus and device lockdown.
  • Remote Management and Support
  • Inventory and Reporting