Business Process Optimization

shutterstock_273943259Business Process Optimization is the systemic elimination of inefficiencies and avoidable costs within an existing business architecture. When executed correctly, Business Process Optimization can significantly cut costs, improve productivity and create new competitive advantages. But if the process is poorly conceived or mishandled, it can lead to equally significant losses and additional opportunity costs. The risk of missteps and failure is particularly high if the inevitable process transitions are mismanaged.

Bridgehead IT offers a thorough business process optimization service thaidesigned based on the specific business goals of our clients and an inbuilt flexibility to expand and grow with your business. Our Business Process Optimization service also covers both narrow and wide business processes. Specifically, a typical Business Process Optimization may involve streamlining a single relatively simple business unit or, alternatively, involve groups of complex inter-related business or information systems, workflows and multiple business units.

The key efficiency indicators that our Business Process Optimization service target are:shutterstock_216452143

  • Increased business agility and responsiveness without increased pressure on IT resources
  • Faster processing times without increasing head count
  • Automated manual processes that allow resources to be refocused on more important areas

We are typically engaged by those responsible for operations and budgets, either for the entire organization or for a specific line of business. Typical requirements and success indicators include:

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Reduced costs of operations
  • Business growth
  • Improved process completion time
  • Reduced investment in resources, including manual labor
  • Faster data processing
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